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Hi! I am Jennifer Lambirth, and I want to help your student become a successful learner.


 I have been a Title 1 Reading teacher for over 20 years, and I have been tutoring for the last 10 years. A few years ago, I was teaching students who had been diagnosed with Dyslexia, and I realized that the programs I was using in my daily teaching were not making a big enough impact on the students’ learning. Through my own research I found the Institute for Dyslexia and their certification in Orton-Gillingham Strategies. This is what I was missing! I became certified, and I learned that these methods are not only good for dyslexic learners, but all learners can benefit from using these strategies.


Through my certification, I realized that I too am a Dyslexic learner. Back when I was in school, I really struggled with spelling. I would practice and practice my spelling list, but I could not memorize those words! I truly understand how frustrated students feel when they see the red marks on their papers after hours of practice! I only wish I would have received the Orton-Gillingham strategies when I was in elementary school. My goal is to help every student feel better about their reading, spelling and/or math, and help them increase their self-esteem.


Qualifications: MA Elementary Education

                                   Reading Specialist

                                   Certified in Orton-Gillingham 


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