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“Mrs. Lambirth has helped me tremendously with my reading.”


Madi was in the 2nd grade when I started working with her. Madi didn’t know her sight words (words you cannot sound out). She struggled with her phonic skills, spelling and phonemic awareness skills. She was very frustrated in the classroom.


“I’d never thought I’d be able to read when I was younger, and today I can pick up any book and read the whole thing. And I never would have gotten past the alphabet if it wasn’t for Mrs. Lambirth. Her teaching lessons are unlike any kind I’ve ever seen. She helped me more than anyone else in this school district could and that is why I can read today.”


Madi was a special ed student in her early elementary years, she has now exited special ed and is getting A’s and B’s on her report cards.

I’m so proud of Madi and all the hard work she has done.

Amanda Welch: 

"I'm the guardian of two little girls, both are dyslexic learners.  Both girls attended tutoring with Mrs. Lambirth starting the summer of the third grade year.  Both girls kept on track with their reading and excelled beyond belief the next school year.  


I very much support the program Mrs. Lambirth is teaching  and her as a teacher."

Donna Flattery:

"I highly recommend Jennifer Lambirth as a reading consultant/expert.  I have relied on Jennifer's expertise several times over the years.  She would always give me wonderful insight to how children learn.  Her expertise is excellent and her rapport with students". 

Tiffany Gilbert:

"Jennifer Lambirth has worked with our daughter for a few years both in tutoring and through the school year. In the early elementary ages, our daughter struggled with reading and it just became frustrating that the traditional methods of instruction were really increasing her reading skills. No matter how much we worked at home with her she was just not gaining in her reading skills. Through some research, I believed she had dyslexia and found Jennifer's names. Jennifer came out and evaluated her through a prescreening and believed that she could help. She got her into a summer reading program and started with the Barton Program. Our daughter not only increasing her reading skills through decoding and fluency. She's also increased her confidence. Through Jennifer's help she gained strategies to read but also gained in her confidence which is one of the greatest things".

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